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Cobdogla Irrigation & Steam Museum

Aveling & Porter Nº12090 Steam Roller Restoration


2019 has been a busy year at the museum. Apart from the operating days, we have hosted a number of special interest groups, and attended the Benson Park Rally with the Fowler Z7 and the Morgan Living River Festival with the B6.

The area behind the tar pit has been cleared out with two truckloads of scrap being sent away. Various exhibits that had been stored in the area have been moved to the display areas. Some new grass has been planted, mooring bollards installed and a new sign proclaims the area to be "The Port of Cobdogla". Currently in the Port are our resident paddle steamer James Maiden, a small half cabin boat and a set of pontoons for a houseboat. There are plans afoot to increase the paddleboat fleet in the next year or so. Please note though, this is a mooring by arrangement only port.

The new Port area was host to the very successful Cobby Capers Steam Launch Rally in August and we are planning a similar event for 2021.

The IC Engine crew have also been busy this past year, getting a number of the stored single and twin cylinder diesel engines going. These will now be on display in the IC Engine Shed and may also be taken to various rallies.

SA Water have also been busy, with an inspection of the Humphrey Pump building, the installation of test wells around the tar pit to check for contamination, and the stockpiling of oil contaminated soil removed from the grave yard and adjacent to the tractor shed. This contamination predates the formation of the museum. A lot of behind the scenes work has been carried out to determine the way forward with the Humphrey Pump building and the museum in general.